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PADI Rescue Diver Course

“Challenging” and “rewarding” best describe the PADI Rescue Diver course. Building upon what you’ve already learned, this course expands on what you already know about how to prevent problems, and how to manage them if they occur.

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The Fun Part
The fun part about this course is rising to challenges and mastering them. Most divers find this course both demanding and rewarding, and at the end, say it’s the best course they’ve ever taken.
What You Learn
Self rescue
Recognizing and managing stress in other divers
Emergency management and equipment
Rescuing panicked divers
Rescuing unresponsive divers
The Scuba Gear You Use
All the equipment you will need is included inthe Adventure Diver Course. You’ll use all the basic scuba gear including a mask, snorkel and fins, a buoyancy compensating jacket that also carries your scuba tank, a scuba regulator to breathe from and instrumentation to monitor depth and air supply. 
The Learning Materials You Need
PADI Rescue Diver Manual (included in the course price)
Be 12 years or older
Have a PADI Adventure certification (or have a qualifying certification from another organization)
Be trained and current for first aid and CPR within the previous two years (Ask us about our Emergency First Response CPR and first aid courses)
How it Works:
The usual format of the Rescue Diver Course is as follows:
Day one meet at 9.30 and start the Rescue Diver Theory and EFR Course if required
Day two finish off the theory and EFR course then to the pool for confined water skills
Day three, conduct the Open Water Scenarios for the course
On completion of the course you will recieve the Rescue Diver certification
Your Next Adventure
Once you complete the PADI Rescue Diver Course, you’ll want to check out:
Oxygen First Aid Specialties and the PADI Divemaster Course
All our recreational courses and experinces include free equipment rental, insurance, manuals and certification costs.
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